- FLASHitDeveloper
- HEXit

After installation FLASHit/HEXit checked some hardware qualities of the PC which will be used for generating the licence key.

  • Go to the Download area of our Website and start the "Download":
  • Install FLASHit/HEXit on the computer you want to work with.
  • Start FLASHit/HEXit. Now FLASHit/HEXit works as a demo-version and go into the menu HELP/REGISTRATION
  • Send us your registrations data. FLASHit/HEXit generates it automatically when the REGISTRATION-button was pushed
  • After we got your order and you paid the invoice we will send you your personal license-key via email

For the case that a new license key is required, e.g., for a new PC you go forward as on top described. In this case we have to charge 50.00 EUR / license for license-transfer fee


- FLASHitDeveloper
- Compact Builder
- HEXit

The license key will be written by us on a USB-dongle. Advantage, no license transfer fees when changing PCs and easy operation of FLASHit on different PCs


- FLASHitCompact

With the compact version of FLASHit your HEXfile will be integrated into FLASHit, so that no key is necessary. (The HEXfile is the key). This version may be reproduced arbitrarily often



This kind of FLASHit will have a personal hexfile checker build in. That means a string (you can choose it or we will give it to you) must be a part of the hexfile which you want to upload with FLASHit. Now FLASHit will check your hexfile before upload. If the correct string is a part of your hexfile FLASHit will enable the upload. Conclusion: FLASHit works only with your application. The advantage for you will be that only your software can be uploaded.

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